Smart Collators

Col-Tec leads the market with its 'On Demand' collator. In simple terms this means when required, all collated sets can have individual set patterns.  To achieve this the Col-Tec collator reacts precisely to job sheet data with the result that no two collated sets need necessarily be the same.

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  • No 2 sets need necessarily be the same
  • Small or large formats as required
  • Includes automatic miss sheet correction
  • Automatic start up and shut down sequence
  • Display of production statistics
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Wireless connection to back office data feed
  • Smart enough for all applications

Col-Tec have always been able to supply collators for any sheet size and application but today, you can now count on us to deliver the versatility of automatically collating the bespoke sets that your competitors cannot.  Using an Ethernet connection, the collator will automatically collate any and all set patterns from your job data spreadsheets.  Col-Tec provide the specialist software and hardware solutions to make this happen.

Collating machines have traditionally been supplied to deliver tens of thousands of collated sets of the same configuration.  Now the world's most versatile collator can deliver collated sets on demand, meaning that no two sets need necessarily be the same.  They can be store or client specific no matter how small the quantities and any number of store or client jobs can be collated continuously without interruption.

Typical applications for our Smart collators have been associated with large formats up to 1,525mm x 1,016mm but no size is too small!  In-line delivery conveyors can be linked to printers, wrapping and boxing machines to better automate a previously intensive, slow and costly labour operation