Col-Tec Solutions have six engineers set aside for installation and service work. Between them they have over 100 years' experience!


Machine Testing - Col-Tec collators are tested far beyond industry standards and this extra running time really does minimise post installation issues to ensure high customer satisfaction.   Our many international references attest to this fact and a selection are available to read by clicking the link on this page

Annual General Service - our engineers attend to your machine on-site, checking all likely areas where wear and tear can occur.  We carry a wide range of spare parts to replace where necessary.  Please telephone or email us for a quotation.

Repairs - our engineers can attend on-site call outs.  Our engineers are very experienced in all aspects of the equipment as they also work on the production line building these machines.  Our Service Manager, in many cases, can provide over-the-phone diagnosis and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Machine Relocation - moving premises or just have a move round in your factory? Our engineers can move the machine for you, relocating to your satisfaction and ensuring the machine is ready to restart work.

Spare Parts - sometimes all you need is a part.  We carry a wide range of spares but if we do not happen to have the exact part in stock, we carry a large archive of drawings for machinery going back 30 years and we can re-manufacture to your needs.

Training - just bought a collating line? Had your operator leave? No problem.  We can provide on-site training to ensure that you get the best from your machinery.  This can also be tied up with a service so both machine and operators are up to speed!

Maintenance Contracts - a cost-effective solution that ensures your collator is always running at its best.  For a yearly fixed fee we attend two or three times a year to provide more in-depth maintenance than a normal annual general service.  These visits can also be used in case of a breakdown.  Please telephone or email us for a quotation.  It is fair to say Maintenance Contract Customers have the best running machines and priority service whenever needed.

Please click here for a selection of customer reference letters


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