Plastic Card Collators

For many years Col-Tec have been solving our clients collating problems by designing and building special application collators.  This has led us into the world of Plastic Card Collators where we use our 50 years experience in the manufacture of suction feed collators to devise purpose-built collating machines to meet challenging applications.  Our expertise and engineering ingenuity have made Col-Tec the market leader in special application collating equipment.

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  • Static reduction devices
  • Auto registration and knock-up systems
  • Adjustable air blow pin pointed precisely where needed
  • Double sheet separation devices
  • Optional pin registration to guarantee set accuracy
  • In-line ultrasonic welding
  • Many worldwide installations for this special plastic card collating application
  • Adjustable feed stations for reliable sheet pick-up and set registration

On many occasions the industry is faced with exceptional paper weights, sheet sizes or other issues, which make collating on conventional equipment troublesome, or sometimes impossible. Over the years' Col-Tec have been called upon to build plastic card collators to speed up time consuming and difficult applications. This presents challenges at the time of design but in many cases we start by drawing on our considerable experience of other problem solving collator projects. In the case of plastic card collators, the design has been developed and refined over many years and some of the principle features are summarised above.

In order to support automatic production lines, Col-Tec will produce the necessary interfaces to conveyors, binding equipment, film-wrapping machines, etc all to individual specification. In this case we fit directly to the collator ultrasonic welding equipment which provides a secure and consistent binding process in either 2 or 4 spots. This keeps all sheets within the set securely held while transferred for further processing such as laminating etc.“


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