Pad Book Line

Our book stitching and spine taping machines can be used for multiple applications including pad books, cheque books, invoice pads, note books, promotional items, stamp books, swatch books and calendars etc

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Stitching and spine taping presentations are used for many types of application including:

  • Up to 12mm thick pads
  • Stitching and In-line spine taping
  • Stitching only solutions
  • Spine taping only solutions
  • Up to 4 stitching heads available
  • Self-adhesive spine taping

We can provide a stitching and in-line spine taping solution for pad book sets up to a maximum thickness of 12 mm.  A smaller semi-automatic table top spine taping machine without in-line stitching can also be supplied.

If you are interested in one of our book stitching and spine taping machines please get in contact with us today.