Custom Collators

For many years Col-Tec have been able to solve collating problems by designing purpose-built equipment.  This, together with over 50 years experience in the manufacture of suction feed collators has made Col-Tec the market leader in special application collating equipment. 

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On many occasions the industry is faced with exceptional paper weights and sheet sizes, which make collating on conventional equipment troublesome, or sometimes impossible.

Over the years' Col-Tec have been called upon to build equipment for special applications.  This presents challenges at the time of design but in many cases results in improvements to the standard range of collators.  Some of the applications for which special machines have been made are given below.

In order to support automatic production lines, Col-Tec will produce the necessary interfaces to conveyors, binding equipment, film-wrapping machines, etc all to individual specification.

  • Abrasive papers
  • Wallpaper sample books
  • Floor Covering sample books
  • Credit cards
  • Pottery transfers and interleaves
  • Photographic albums
  • Photographic film
  • Braille material
  • Lever arch files
  • Miniature to incredibly large formats as required