Collators USA

There are more than 100 machine installations in America with Col-Tec specialising in the design and build of new collators for the collation of stocks including film, plastics, business forms, all types of paper, card and board etc. We offer collators with standard sheet sizes and any number of feeders. For further information including an initial guide price and basic machine specification, please click on the enquiry link button below.

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  • More than 100 machine installations in America
  • Demonstrations on client stock filmed for review or run live via camera links
  • Sales and Service Agent out of Minerva, Ohio
  • 12 months factory warranty for all electrical and mechanical parts
  •  Customised collators to any maximum sheet size needed
  • References from USA clients available on request
  • Extended warranties available
  • Customers given CCTV camera access to track machine build progress
  • Pre-delivery inspection tests filmed on customer’s stock for client approval prior to shipping

We have been selling and installing collating machines in America for more than 30 years covering the widest range of applications. We are proud of the many excellent references received during this time and are happy to share them with prospective new customers. An easy to follow machine service checklist is supplied as part of the operator manual. This enables our clients to choose either in-house maintenance, local technicians or our US Service Agent to carry out this annual task. For the machine installation we provide Col-Tec engineers from the UK and/or our Service Agent in the USA. It is fair to say that Col-Tec USA is the leading established collator brand in both the UK and USA plus many other markets. Whether you need a low cost refurbished standard collator or highly customised and special application new machine, our Col-Tec USA Sales and Service Agent will be happy to assist you with our full support.