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Col-Tec offer a broad range of new collating machines with standard sheet sizes and any number of feeders.  For further information including an initial guide price and basic machine specification, please click on the link below.

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Signature Collating

Col-Tec manufactures a purpose-built signature collator as an alternative collator to our flat sheet models.  The design is focused on the machine's ability to efficiently handle the collation of folded sections from 4 to 32 pages and includes the ability to reliably collate stitched and perfect bound books.  We believe this makes the Col-Tec signature collator the world's most versatile, cost effective collator for the perfect binding and mail fulfilment sectors.

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Customised Build

On many occasions the industry is faced with exceptional paper weights and sheet sizes, which make collating on conventional equipment troublesome, or sometimes impossible.  For many years Col-Tec have been able to solve these problems by designing purpose-built collator equipment.  This, together with over 50 years' experience in the manufacture of suction feed collators has made Col-Tec the market leader in special application collating equipment.

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Smart Collators

Col-Tec leads the market with its 'On Demand' collator. In simple terms this means when required, all collated sets can have individual set patterns.  To achieve this the Col-Tec collator reacts precisely to job sheet data with the result that no two collated sets need necessarily be the same.

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Send your Sample

Seeing is believing.  We welcome receipt of your samples which will be filmed using a Col-Tec collator as close as possible to the model type of interest to your business.  A film link will be sent back to you for review via email.

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World Installations

Col-Tec collators are installed in all corners of the world ranging from large markets to island territories.  Click below to see a graphic display of where our machines are installed across the globe.

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