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Optional Equipment

Collator Electronic Miss and Double Detection System
Ultrasonic Miss and Double Detection System (in addition to standard vacuum miss and mechanical double detectors). This system has the advantage of being able to stop the machine for a double sheet, as it is fed out of the feeding station. The detectors are self-setting and can be re-calibrated at the touch of a button.

Preparation to Retro-Fit Deep Pile Feeders

Preparation to Retro-Fit Deep Pile Feeders. We have known clients to purchase deep pile feeders at extra cost for fear that it would be the wrong decision not to. Some have found after running the collator that this was not really necessary and the extra money required was not well spent. As far as we know Col-Tec are the only manufacturers now offering clients the possibility to retrofit deep pile feeders to a standard pile machine. In the event the customer decides after running the machine in their production environment that deep pile would be a real advantage, they can choose to proceed with the retrofit option at any time.
Computer Controlled Programming for irregular Collating Sequences
Advanced Computer Controlled Programming Unit. Screen with guidance information for user. Automatic start-up of the feed stations and shut down when the job is complete. Insertion of sheets on one or all stations. With electronic detector fitted, automatic miss sheet correction without stopping the collator and the option for the collator to feed multiple sheets into the set from any of the stations. Option to pre-select the criss cross jogger at any pre-determined number of cycles. Production data statistics.
Inserting Conveyor linked to a Collator
Double Stroking Conveyor Drive for doubling Output Speed. The collator can be loaded with the same job twice, i.e. collator running at approximately 2,000 cph will deliver two complete sets into the booklet maker running at 4,000cph. To achieve a production speed of 4,000 sets per hour (assuming no stoppages) the collator would normally have to cycle at 4,000cph. Using this flexible drive the collator can cycle at half that speed whilst still achieving 4,000 booklets per hour.
Optional extras not featured include amongst others:
Joggers, hand feed station, interfacing, static pinning, crash numbering, folding, inserting, deep pile stackers and die cutting etc
Collator machin collage