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Customised Collators
collating machine design
collator machine programmable

On many occasions the industry is faced with exceptional paperweights and sheet sizes, which make collating on conventional equipment troublesome, or sometimes impossible.  For many years Col-Tec have been able to solve these problems by designing purpose-built equipment.  This, together with over 40 years experience in the manufacture of suction feed collators has made Col-Tec the market leader in special application collating equipment.  Should equipment out of our extensive range not fulfil your exact needs, Col-Tec are able to customise their collators to meet any specific requirements.

In order to support automatic production lines, Col-Tec will produce the necessary interfaces to conveyors, binding equipment, film-wrapping machines, etc all to individual specification.

Please click on the links below to reveal film footage of previously supplied special application collating equipment

Custom Collators and equipment - Video library (please click on image)


collator - large format poster

Large Format Poster Collating

10  station collator with maximum sheet size 60 x 40 inches (152 x 101cm), with in-line delivery conveyor. 

Programming of the feeders is possible subject to customers’ requirements, as is further in-line processes such as label applicators and film wrapping.

collator - large format folder

Large Format Poster Folding

This collator prepares posters (made in 6 parts) featuring a double parallel folding unit and stacker.

sensiitve stock

Braille books for the blind produced by specialist organisations

B3 Installation with special Stich Fold Trimming Unit.

collator machine - credit card collator

Plastic Cards, Security Cards

Example Installation: 5 stations collator fitted with anti-static devices and in-line ultrasonic welding

tailor made collator

Programmable collators

By using PLC controllers, feeding stations can be manipulated for both inserts and multiple feeds i.e. more than one sheet from any of the feeder stations. Film here shows several examples of this feature.

collation of odd shapes

Collators for odd shaped products

Col-Tec can adapt collators to handle odd-shaped products including triangles, stars, circular, semi circular, tabs and almost any shape you can think of. Such shapes can be collated as a mixture of sizez and shapes as required. This type of variety is often required for mail fulfillment work.

collator - small format

Small format collators

Different collators vary between the minimum sheet sizes thay offer. For a number of machines the minimum they offer is A5 and some handle A6 format. Col-Tec's experience and expertise has led us to produce a 28 station handling ticket sizes as small as 3 x 4 cm (1.25in x 2in).

collating - newspaper collator

Newspaper collator

Example Installation: 16 station Duo-motion collator with a folding unit at both ends of the machine for collating and folding two 8 sheet newspapers at the same time.