New Collator

Col-Tec offer a broad range of standard sheet sizes and any number of feeders.  For further information including an initial guide price and basic machine specification, please click on the link below.

Build Your Own Collator

  • Belted conveyor with automatic knock up of all sheets throughout the collation process
  • Computer programming options including automatic miss correction, double ejection and multiple feeding of more than one item from any feed station
  • Wide range of extras and other in-line finishing equipment
  • Machines built to customised formats when required
  • Suction feed
  • High speed performance.  Speed range subject to sheet size and number of stations
  • Most stock types 30 - 1000gms
  • Virtually unlimited potential for collation of stocks including film, plastics, business forms, bank, bond, art paper and board, etc
  • Continuous operation, loading on the run in standard pile format or pre-loaded pallets using deep pile feed stations 

On many occasions the industry is faced with exceptional paper weights and sheet sizes, which make collating on conventional equipment troublesome, or sometimes impossible.  For many years Col-Tec have been able to solve these problems by designing purpose-built equipment.  This, together with over 50 years' experience in the manufacture of suction feed collators has made Col-Tec the market leader in special application collating equipment.  Should equipment out of our extensive range not fulfil your exact needs, Col-Tec are able to customise their collators to meet any specific requirements.

In order to support automatic production lines, Col-Tec will produce the necessary interfaces to conveyors, binding equipment, film-wrapping machines, etc. all to individual specification.