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New Col-Tec Collators

Standard collator sizes: B4, B3, B2, B1 and Poster

  • Suction feed
  • High speed performance up to 5000 c.p.h.
  • All stock types 20 - 1000gms
  • Virtually unlimited potential for collation of stocks including film, plastics, business forms, bank, bond, art paper and board, etc
  • Continuous operation, ('loading on the run' in shallow pile format or feeding from deep pile stations)
  • Belted conveyor with automatic knock up of sheets throughout the collation process
  • Computer programming options including automatic miss correction, double ejection and multiple feeding of more than one item from any feed station
  • Wide range of optional equipment
  • Machines built to customised formats if required
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Col-Tec Signature format collator
Col-Tec B3 sized sheet collator
Col-Tec B1 sized sheet collator
Col-tec B0 sized sheet collator